World Wide Supply Disruptions

Important Update for Midstates Group’s Customers

We take great pride in our relationships with our vendors here at Midstates Group.   As we all strive to provide the best possible pricing for our customers, we value the information that we receive regarding costs and material availability in the marketplace.

As many of you have been hearing costs for almost everything have been on the rise.   It’s happening to all industries and printers across the country.   Supply chain issues and increased demands are at the forefront of the challenges that lay ahead in the coming months.  It truly has become a global situation affecting a wide range of products, processes and raw materials.

As we continue working to keep pricing competitive and product on our floor, it’s important for all of our customers to understand that the environment has changed.   One of our vendors has shared with us the accompanying 3-page memo that we believed captured much of the relevant details.   Please take a few minutes to review at your earliest convenience.

Our sales staff is here to help you explore alternatives and navigate any challenges in pricing or availability if they arise. We are here and eager to find solutions.   We are asking for your help to please reach out to your sales representative early in the process in order to make sure we have the time to find the right options for you!

Thank you for your continued business and support, it is very much appreciated.

Raw Material Support Memo