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Apogee WebApproval

WebApproval is an interactive portal for uploading and approving pages.

Benefits of Apogee

24/7 Portal
Apogee WebApproval provides you with an intuitive easy to use web interface for file upload and softproofing. It is accessible from any supported platform at any time of day. WebApproval is HTML5-based and does not rely on Flash or Java technology, so it also works perfectly on an iPad or Android tablet.

Easy file upload
You can upload PDF files by simply dropping them on a WebApproval job tile in your browser. The goal is to streamline production and minimize errors.

Reliable Softproofing
Approvers and managers who need to monitor jobs can view the pages of a job onscreen using a flipbook. You can also download softproofs for offline reviewing or output on your own printer. This saves time and money by eliminating the cumbersome delivery of hardcopy proofs. The proofs have been rendered using the same Adobe PDF Print Engine RIP that is also used for outputting plates or digital prints. This avoids costly mistakes and ensures consistency throughout the whole PrePress process.

Automated messaging
Users who are expected to upload or approve jobs are automatically notified by e-mail about new jobs. Your own team members can also receive messages about rejected pages or jobs that have been fully approved. The automation eliminates frustration by not having to chase your clients for feedback and approval.

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