flex your specsSave on your budget with flexible specs based on size, page count, paper grade & weight.

In today’s dynamic market, keeping printing and mailing costs in check is crucial for businesses. At Midstates Group, we specialize in custom print solutions designed to meet your budget without compromising quality or impact.

Our approach is simple yet effective: we “Flex Your Specs” by offering flexible specifications based on factors like size, page count, paper grade, and weight. By understanding your budget and current specifications, we tailor our recommendations to streamline processes and reduce costs, all while maintaining the integrity of your brand.

We’re committed to maximizing your ROI by leveraging USPS incentives and promotions that not only enhance your reach but also save you money. With rising manufacturing and postal costs, as well as increasing competition from online marketing channels, it’s more important than ever to optimize your print strategy for efficiency and effectiveness.

Let us show you how Midstates Group can help you unlock savings and take your printing and mailing initiatives to new heights.

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