Matt Feickert


Matt Feickert

Matt is a second-generation owner having joined the company in 1999. Matt graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Stout with a degree in Print Management and has spent his entire working life in the print business. Matt’s vast knowledge of the printing industry is evidenced by our customers and the company’s success. Matt receives well-earned respect from our industry peers and has helped to make the company one of the top 140 printing companies in the US.

Matt is the leader of our company instilling a strong customer service ethic, developing and maintaining deep and valued customer relationships and executing a near-fanatical dedication to quality work. Matt is married with four children – two sons and two daughters, values family time and enjoys hunting and fishing. Matt is involved in several peer groups, one with diverse non-print industries and one with only the print industry showing his commitment to continuous learning and sharing of knowledge.  As an owner, Matt is always available to customers to answer questions or concerns and makes it a point to be accessible to everyone in the organization.
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