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General Production

This position functions as General Production for the Production Department.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Follow all safety policies and guidelines.
  • Help to reach company’s customer service, profit, sales, and growth goals.
  • Continually communicate with the machine operator on the performance of the current job.
  • Stack books evenly on a pallet/skid.
  • Make sure information is correct on the tags for the skids or mail cages.
  • Tie bundles together straight and even.
  • Watch for jam-ups and miss-feeds on the machine.
  • Efficiently feed the pockets with the printed materials as needed.
  • Move pallets or skids as needed.
  • Inspect product brought to the machine to insure accuracy.
  • Check finished product for quality.
  • Shrink-wrap pallets/skids for shipping.
  • Verify correct information is placed on the pallet, skid or cage tag.
  • Keep area around the machines and skids clean of unnecessary items.


1st Shift (8am-4pm)
2nd Shift (4pm-12am)
3rd Shift (12am-8am)

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