Senior Systems/Software Administrator

The key objectives of the position are to perform technical and administrative duties that ensure operations, integrity, security, and development of all systems/software technologies supporting the company organizational functions. The role includes but not limited to planning, analysis, and design, as well as, automation, installations, upgrades, patches, configurations, integrations, and user support.

1. Lead configuration of the systems/software to ensure optimum performance and maximum use of the features and functions that are in sync with the purpose of the software and needs of the business and users.
2. Manage ongoing functionality of the systems/software. This includes maintenance of user access, licensing, patches, and integrations.
3. Provide technical support, training, and technical documentation to users for both routine tasks and troubleshooting issues.
1. Ensure upgrade needs are monitored and their status and completion is communicated. This includes an annually updated 5-year systems/software plan.
2. Ensure systems/software activity is monitored and tuned for optimum performance.
3. Ensure disaster recovery testing for systems/software is completed accurately and timely; lead implementation of disaster recovery plan.
1. Document and keep current user statuses, permissions, and usage. Manage systems/software resources, inventory, and allocations.
2. Develop and direct an ongoing data security protocol that protects access to the data, as well as manage storage and scheduled data purges.
3. Perform and complete scheduled systems security management tasks.
1. Apply systems/software design methods to include conceptual, functional, and physical designs that meet the business’ current and future strategic needs.
2. Monitor capacity and utilization of the systems/software to ensure that demand and use is efficient but adequate.
3. Stay current on the latest industry technologies, trends, and strategies and make recommendations for increased infrastructure and systems/software performance.
Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field. 3-5 years’ experience in supporting, integrating, and deploying systems/software solutions. A good understanding of project management, daily task prioritization, and providing organizational support that is aligned with the needs of the business.

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