Important Postal Update and Cost Saving Ideas Webinar

At Midstates Group, we prioritize keeping our customers informed about upcoming postal changes and cost-saving strategies to ensure a positive return on investment for all your direct mail campaigns.

Join us on Thursday, June 27th at 2 pm CST for an insightful session on the upcoming postal change on July 14th and strategies to save you money on your future direct mail campaigns.

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity, where we will cover:

  • State of the Industry and upcoming postal increase on July 14th, 2024
  • Process of combining mail from several sources to qualify for more affordable mailing costs
  • USPS Promotions
  • Flexing your specs to maximize cost savings on your next direct mail campaign

This event will be hosted by Midstates Group featuring:

  • Eric Stevenson, Chief Operating Officer – Midstates Group
  • Michelle Zalewski, VP Postal Affairs – ALG Worldwide Logistics
  • Taylor Wensmann, VP of Logistics – Midstates Group

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