Operations Recruiting & Retention Manager

Recruiting – Engagement – Development – Retention

The key objective is to develop an Operations Team that understand and live our core values of: “Commitment” to the organization and the team, a “Can-Do Attitude” toward getting the job done, and a “Customer Focus” on quality, deadlines and problem solving.

This starts with hiring people that with employment skills that fit the core values, have the ability and will to learn and develop, and have a long-term intent to work at the Midstates Group.  Words connected with these people are reliable, engaged, loyal, safety, company-success, friendly, teamwork, curious, flexible, and responsive.

Following hiring the best, is engagement and development.  Beginning day one creating a welcoming environment that truly makes them want to stay, learn, succeed, and develop every skill they can to become a happy, skilled, engaged, and productive person.  Then creating, deploying and reassuring an employee development plan that guides them to their highest potential for personal and professional success.

In the end, the Ops R&R Manager will be responsible for the leadership of hiring, training, and retaining a group of people that are happy, skilled, always learning, on track, and in sync with the team and the company.


  1. Develop and direct a process for reaching high-potential people for every Operations position. To include a creative approve to marketing, networking, advertising, recruiting, and referrals. (Get in the best lanes to find the best talent.)
  2. Develop and direct a process for making the connection. Finding candidates that may be looking for work, available, or currently gainfully employed but simply could be right for the job. (Get in front of the right people for the right job.)
  3. Develop and direct a process for finding the right fit. Matching aptitude, interest, experience, outlook, education, job skills, attitude and the desire to be a good employee.  (Find a natural match to the job and the organization.)



  1. Develop and direct a process for making the first days and weeks on the job a great experience for the new teammate. Making the welcoming, information, orientation, and introductions as easy and pleasant as can be.  (Make a friendly and easy-to-understand first impression on a long-term relationship.)
  2. Develop and direct a process for making it a people thing first. Connect the new teammate with a person(s)/mentor(s) that make them want to succeed and stay. (Find them a go-to person for questions, support, and encouragement.)
  3. Develop and direct a process for monitoring their satisfaction with their new job (One day, one week, one month, etc.) (Make a series of check-ins from all levels in all forms to ensure everything is OK and on track.)




  1. Develop and direct a process for building confidence, thinking skills, technical knowledge, excellent job performance and independence. (Make and monitor a training roadmap to becoming a productive and happy teammate.)
  2. Develop and direct a process for making advancement in one form or another a part of every employee’s written development plans to include OJT plans and apprenticeship programs. (Be always current and in tune with every person’s real skill level, aspirations, needs for repetition and training.)
  3. Develop and direct a process for productive and open evaluation that keep short and long term development real and in perspective for the employee and the company. (Fair and constructive evaluations lead to advancement.)


  1. The byproduct of effective recruiting, engagement and development is superior employee retention. To keep focus a stable well-developed workforce keep and share detailed employee retention statistics by department, shift, job description and job status.)
  2. Understand the attitudes and options of the workforce to effectively be working on the right things to recruit, engage, and develop the team. (Direct regular communication with the employees at all levels through formal and informal group meetings, surveys, and feedback tools.)
  3. Everything starts with leadership. (Be the Operations’ champion making employee satisfaction an important part of every leader’s job. Tie it to productivity, profit, and simply being a great place to work.)


The 3 year picture in our company VTO states:

  • Our team culture is focused and fun.
  • We are investing in people.
  • Work-life balance is important.
  • We have a Midstates University.
  • We are an employer of choice.
  • Our financial performance is predictable and improving.

This positions will be a key leader in making these happen.


This management level position will report directly to the Vice President of Manufacturing.