At Midstates, we value your business and want to help you plan for the future. We strive to be a trusted partner therefore we believe we need to share important information that could affect your costs. We have always been committed to being a best value vendor to our clients and take pride in being consistent from project to project, year to year.

Recently, the printing industry, along with multiple other industries, is experiencing price increases in paper and freight costs. Paper suppliers have notified us to expect between a 5-11% increase in coated stock and a 12-25% increase in uncoated stock effective immediately. These increases are a result of the paper market growing in complexity but shrinking in size along with some government imposed tariffs.

The transportation industry is also facing increases due in large part to driver shortages, truck capacity, tariffs, federal regulations and fuel costs.

We understand the pressure and frustration associated with these uncontrollable market conditions. We recognize paper accounts for approximately 50% of your printing costs. Midstates is committed to working on discussing options to help you manage minimize these rising costs.

While we are very confident that we have accounted for all cost increases, in this current market it is impossible to know for sure. We are hopeful that the markets will stabilize in the coming months and we will continue to negotiate with our suppliers for the best possible prices to pass along to our clients.

As always, you can also obtain the latest market information by contacting your Midstates Group sales representative.

We understand we are only successful if you are successful. Thank you for your valued business, continued support and patience in what remains an ever-changing marketplace.