Printing Industries of America produced a report on the role of print in the lives of Generation Z. Gen Z is described an anyone born between 1995 and 2012. They currently make up 25% of the population and are expected to become 40% of consumers by 2020.

Generation Z represents an emerging market for the print industry. Recent reports find that they:

  • Spend about 1 hour each week reading magazines
  • Prefer reading printed books
  • Favor printed learning materials (textbooks, research articles) to help them focus
  • Value print media and trust print publications more than digital media

They even included a few tips for having a better reach with the next generation, including:

  • Incorporate digital technology into brick-and-mortar experiences
  • Build customer relationships in person and on social media channels
  • Provide personalized and customized products and services

Read the full article at Printing Industries of America